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We Now Offer Pressure Washing & Soft Washing

Over the past few years many of our customers in Oklahoma City and Edmond have asked us to add pressure washing to our window cleaning business.  We are happy to announce that we not only listened to your request, but we are responding by now offering pressure washing and soft washing.  To help you understand the two better, here is a brief description of our new services.

Pressure Washing is exactly what the name depicts, you use pressure to remove dirt and grime from surfaces like concrete and other hard services.  This can be highly effective, but can be extremely destructive if the operator is unskilled.

Soft Washing is another way to remove that same nasty dirt and mold from your homes exterior by using the right biodegradable chemicals with just enough water to wash it away.  This is great for applications such as stucco or other surfaces that need a delicate touch.

Here is a list of projects that we can help you with…….

  • Pressure washing decks
  • House washing
  • Cleaning concrete for driveways and sidewalks
  • Concrete rust removal

In our next blog we will discuss why we are more than just a window cleaning company that added another service.  We will also be posting pictures on our social media sites of how these services can benefit your home and make your house sparkle.

If you are looking for an estimate for any of these services please call or email us today! 405.285.7020

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