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We Need Your Feedback!

For 20 years we have been cleaning windows for Oklahomans and recently we have added pressure washing for our residential clients.  Because of a strong desire to maintain and improve our processes we need feedback.  We can only do that when we get honest and helpful comments from our customers.  Every company regardless of what product or service they offer wants to do well and exceed in the market place.  So how can we get even better?

The simple answer is, we need your help!  How does the feedback we receive better us as a window cleaning and pressure washing company?   And how will your feedback help you to get an awesome service experience?  Let us look at two reasons why honest feedback is vital.

  • Quality.  This is likely the reason you continue to go back to your favorite restaurant  because you can taste the quality of the food.  But what if they start to change the menu and change the ingredients, would you start to notice the difference? Absolutely!  And those changes may not be to your liking.  Are you going to tell them?  Maybe not, but what if they change the ingredients to make the food better, will you tell them at that point?  Likely. Why?  Because everyone likes to deliver good news and not the negative.  While delivering criticism is never exciting this is exactly when a business needs you the most!  We need the feedback especially if you notice the quality is not what you expect or deserve.
  • Communication.  This can make or break any relationship.  Sadly, there are times when any company  fails to communicate well enough with the customer and results in frustration.  As an example, let us say you have planned on having your home pressure washed and you moved all the furniture off the deck only to have the technician fail to arrive and maybe worse not even apologize!  While this is likely rare regarding any service company you would use,  isn’t it true the way they communicate after the problem will define your relationship moving forward? Likely so.  While this may be an extreme example it does highlight the importance of communication between the customer and the pressure washing company.   Communication from the initial call to the completion of the service is very important to us. Within the last year we have changed our process to remind customers of their appointments prior to our arrival.  We need and want to find ways to always improve our communication.

When looking for a window cleaner you want great quality and you want an experience that reaffirms that you made a great choice.  While we may have a 100% satisfaction guarantee  attached to our pressure washing and window cleaning services, we want you to be 100% satisfied in the entire experience.  To make is easy for our customers to give feedback we have attached a link in our reminder email prior to service so that the customer can access 5 questions that will make us better.  We are committed to the improving ourselves and our cleaning services.  Click the image below and get your free instant estimate! We look forward to your feedback 🙂




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